greetings from west xylophone

H. Sebastian Toppum (a.k.a. Drosh)
Other places to find me:

My web-comic, Beware the Slumpy.
Drosh.net, various musings and an audio podcast.
Catsnot.com, a website for my films.

The longer version:

Grew up in New England, moved to New Mexico in December of 1999, returned to Connecticut in 2008. I make a web-comic, for my own amusement. (If anyone else is also amused, all the better. No, it's not always funny.) I've written a couple of novels, but haven't sought any publishing on them. I also make short films, you can see some of them here (if any will show in any film festivals, I'll certainly post something here, of course). I create other things, as well.

I work for an ISP, have a lovely wife and wonderful son. Loyal friend, happy husband, proud father, moody pretentious-artist bastard, can't stand idiots, loves too easily, insomniac. There's more than that; decipher it yourself.

Brief Cast List:

Dewshine (Dews): my wife and partner
Ray: our son

Sometimes I post friends-only, or privately (often just notes to myself). I have my own reasons for doing so. Don't fret about this and have a nice day; thanks!

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Note on Interests: I love lots of things. Some of them are on nearly everyone's interest list, so I shall list them here, rather than waste those 150 important slots: (cheese, cooking, dreams, food, history, movies, music, painting, poetry, rain, reading, writing...)
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