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Jim and I spent Saturday filming two reviews, and we got one of them up and posted very early this morning. It's for the movie Hanna, which just came out last Friday. Don't miss the end of this one. Watch it here!  

I'm behind a few days on my webcomic. This isn't where I wanted to be today; I wanted to have this whole week done already, but yesterday proved to be a little too busy for that feat. 

Honestly, I'm feeling a little sick to my stomach. I think that I'd rather just have a little nap. Ugh. How're you? 
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Cabezon Vlog revisted

Hello dears.

I had originally posted a vlog on this LJ account back in September of 2005 (youtube had its official launch in November of 2006). The other day, I found a full-quality .dv file of this vlog, and watched it. I decided to add notes and re-post it, on my youtube channel. I have done so here:

And now, it had swallowed itself.

How're you?
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  • 08:33 Oh no wrong line! I was in the penny arcade line. Hello, bill amend of foxtrot! #
  • 10:03 Meeting Frontalot! #
Automatically spewed by LoudTwitter. For your pleasure; ha ha ha ha my evil laughter. :|
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smells like snow

Snow. Now I remember why I left New England.

Ten years and seven days ago I arrived in Albuquerque, and now, here I am back in Connecticut. So much has changed, but the weather hasn't.

I'll take too-hot summers over too-cold winters, anytime.


In other news: Happy New Year! How're you? Whaterdoing?

As my new year's resolution, I will keep doing Beware the Slumpy without fail. Indeed.

What about you dears?